Students & Blogging

Getting students involved in blogging can have a real impact on learning and teaching in the classroom; it is an innovative way to allow students to create content and express their feelings and learn at the same time.

Here are 12 reasons why students should blog in an EFL classroom or in any classroom!

1)They practice their writing & reading skills

2) They have a global and authentic audience

3) It gives voice to their passions and interests

4) They teach each other

5) Students are prepared for digital citizenship

6) Teachers can check on their learning

7) Parents can can view their child’s work

8) Students feel proud of their work

9) Blogs can be used for digital portfolios

10) It develops critical and thinking skills

11) It encourages ICT literacy

10) Blogging is fun



In my school students have created both personal & class (collaborative) blogs.

Here are some examples of my students blogs! Enjoy!









class blog: &




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