Some love, Some technology

St Valentine’s Day is coming and as teachers we are all looking for ideas to implement in our classrooms.We all want to do special and unique projects because we want our students to be motivated and we definitely need to cultivate their creativity!

So, here are some ideas that you can effectively introduce in your classroom.

I promise you that whatever you choose, your students’ experience will be an unforgettable one…

  1. Sway: Sway is an amazing presentation tool that you can use with your students. Ask them to create cards or love messages by using Sway. They can embed videos and add pictures and then they will have an amazing presentation to show to the rest of their classmates. You can also divide them into groups or pairs and have them create collaborative love Sways…Free with just a Microsoft account. It can be shared and embedded in any social media. Click HERE
  2. Office Mix: What about mixing some love with technology? Students can create Power Point presentations with all the things that they love or  their beloved ones or even create love stories, poems etc. Then they can turn them into interactive ones by adding their voices & videos. They can even create love quizzes and polls to share with their classmates. It is about time you mixed love with technology! Creative, easy and enjoyable! Click HERE
  3. Buncee: From the very first moment that we discovered Buncee we fell in love with it- and when I say we I mean both me and my students. Easy, colourful, vibrant and animated. Your students can now create their e-cards in an easy and absolutely enjoyable way. They can add animations, stickers, messages or even embed a YouTube video. You should definitely give it a shot. You can have a trial version for 30 days! Click HERE
  4. Voki: You students can create love messages and share them with their beloved ones. Free, funny and it can be embedded to any social media or website. Click HERE
  5. Animoto: A great video maker tool with which you can create wonderful videos. Easy with nice graphics and lovely music. Unfortunately it isn’t free but there is some good news! There is a free trial! Click HERE
  6. Microsoft Movie Maker: You all definitely know Movie Maker. Trustworthy and free. I use it every year to create movies with my students. You can take pictures or create videos, add them in your Movie Maker and also add your favourite song. Then you can upload it to YouTube and share it with your students and friends. All my students love watching themselves in videos. Lots of laugh and emotions! Click HERE for our Valentine’s Movie Maker video
  7. Skype: Create stories or poems or even pictures. Organise a skype call and share your  students’ creations  with a class in another city or country. Love is all about sharing after all. Click HERE
  8. Google Document: Create a collaborative Google Document and/or Presentation. Click HERE