My story


After graduating from Aristotle University, BA in English, completing my Master’s degree at King’s College, London and starting my PhD I had to find a job so as to make a living. The chances of working for the public sector in Greece under the circumstances were far too slim.

As a result, I found employment in a private language school where, luckily, we shared the same philosophy as far as teaching was concerned.

What could I do to make the difference in a world of endless hours of grammar exercises and the passive and indifferent use of course books (the norm in hundreds of English schools all over Greece) and how could I make learning relevant and meaningful?

First of all I felt I had to give meaning to the aim and the process of learning. In my continuous effort to motivate and inspire my learners I started participating in global projects with my classes, making use of Skype in the classroom to create a global environment for my students. My efforts were indeed recognized and I was named one of Skype’s Master Teachers (One of the 24 in the world). Master teachers are a small group recognized for their innovative ways of incorporating Skype into their classrooms. While many teachers across the world use Skype, the Master Teacher group is particularly strong and forward thinking. Being a member of this group gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people and educators as well as build friendships.

The borders of our small town seem nonexistent as we communicate in real time with school children from all over the world doing various activities and projects. Not only do my pupils benefit from using English but they also become citizens of the world, get to learn facts and problems concerning other communities, the natural world, traditions, customs and so on.



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